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climbers shit on track at arapiles
Louise Shepherd
11:52:34 AM
Yesterday Philby and I found somebody's shit lying less than one metre from the track at the base of Alis at Arapiles. It was ripe and already swarming with maggots. I was inclined to think that a child had done this, assuming that no adult or teenager would be shamless enough to shit on one of the most public tracks at Arapiles.

If you are taking children to the crags, you need to take full responsibility for their poo. Recently, I saw a parent do the right thing at Arapiles. She was belaying when a child ran off to do a poo in the middle of the track. After belaying, she picked up all his toilet paper and carried it out in a spare bag, and then buried the shit.

If you are a teacher or climbing guide, you need to properly educate your clients or students about how to shit in the bush.

If you're caught short at the crag and can't even go 5 minutes back to the campground toilets, walk downhill and away from the cliff into the bush. That private little spot just around the corner is NOT the place to lay your shit. Invariably it's the bottom of another climb.

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:55:32 PM
Are you sure it wasn't Phily's?
Fish Boy
2:40:58 PM
Dec Crag has some nice piles too.
2:23:09 PM
i saw a kid take a dump right under the archbishop at easter last year. the parents were complete f---wits and also climbed over the top of another person leading a route. there were plenty of routes at the same grade in the area with no one on them. my partner mentioned that it would be a good idea for the shit to be cleaned up. i'm not sure if any notice was taken.

Phil Box
4:00:37 PM
On 16/03/2010 tastybigmac wrote:
>i saw a kid take a dump right under the archbishop at easter last year.

Was the archbishop conducting mass at the time?
5:02:22 PM
A few years ago I had the misfortune to pick up a few loose pages of an Arapiles guide book near the cliff. Judging on the 'amendments' I found smeared on the pages I don't think the previous owner thought very much of Arapiles or the author !! I don't mention who the author of that edition was.

6:01:30 PM
A few years ago I came across a fresh donation on the main track at Thomsons Point, on a weekend, during high season, right near vandaholics with at least 20 folk in sight. Still can't decide whether I'm impressed or appalled.

Phil Box
6:22:45 PM
We found a huge steaming log down near Mt. Brown in Taswegia. How can a boa constrictor that size fit inside a human body. Musta nearly broke his back bending over trying to push that out. Why can't people learn to bury their waste if they get caught short. It was sandy there so would not have been a problem to bury it at the very least. We all felt icky having to deal with that.
11:20:37 PM
From my experiences climbing in Europe, they've taken it to a new level. I found walking round some of the crags in France harder than the climbs themselves. An obstacle course. I had the misfortune to climb at a family crag called Orpierre where there were literally dozens of nuggets right on the main tracks.
Perhaps the perpertrators here were some visiting Euros wanting to feel a little more at home?
11:53:33 PM
maybe they need pit toilets..
One Day Hero
10:19:37 AM
On 16/03/2010 wombly wrote:
>A few years ago I came across a fresh donation on the main track at Thomsons
>Point, on a weekend, during high season, right near vandaholics with at
>least 20 folk in sight. Still can't decide whether I'm impressed or appalled.
Ha, I saw that one too!! Real Mr. Whippy job with a nice little garnish of toilet paper on top!

I once busted some devo in the act, right on the track between Sth Central and Cheesedale. He had this super wierd expression on his face as he tried to decide between chopping off or sucking up :)

10:42:56 AM
I can't believe no one has mentioned Centennial Glen in this thread yet...
12:02:12 PM
I once found a nice rounded log right on the edge of a ledge about 100m up on Bunny Bucket Buttress. It wasnt quite on the main route as I went slightly left on one of the pitches. I was impressed someone was able to drop the dacks and presumably their harness on a metre wide ledge 100m above the deck. It was winter too so the wind would probably have been whistling up their clacker!

I have been on Hotel California on ledge before the 19 traverse pitch. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done to hold on. The pressure had been building up from the first pitch to the point that I thought I would explode. Luckily I managed to hold it together for that pitch and the rest of the route.

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