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General Climbing Discussion

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how many climbers in the world?
8:25:10 PM
Just wondering how many people on this earth would be considered rock climbers? How many of us do you think there are out there?

8:29:49 PM
On 1/08/2007 dougo wrote:
>Just wondering how many people on this earth would be considered rack climbers?
>How many of us do you think there are out there?

Well I definitely climb any rack that's put in front of me so that makes one.

Edit: I had to correct my own grammar and spelling seeing as no-one else cares.

Chuck Norris
8:34:55 PM
me two....

(sorry that was the type of cringeful joke that made me leave my parents house 20 years ago)
9:02:56 PM
hahaha. sorry its been a long day....

Safer Cliffs Vic
11:53:36 PM
I would hazard a guess that it could be millions. There are a seriously large number in europe for
example. I think Australia actually has one of the smallest climber/total population ratio in the western
world because we don't have 'mountains'.
12:39:56 AM
i think there are seven

1:04:54 AM
On 2/08/2007 tastybigmac wrote:
>i think there are seven

Yeah, that's what I thought too.
7:42:00 AM
Judging by the number of views on my youtube videos, climbing seems to be about 1% as popular as back country skiing or spearfishing.

10:40:30 AM
I researched this last year. According to the Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey 2005 Annual Report there are 82,800 rock climbers in Australia. (seems way high) This is similar in size to scuba diving (86,800) and more than shooting sports (76,000), triathlon (44,800) or athletics (72,000).

The number for the US is around 10,000,000. The EU was much hard to get numbers for, so using particpation rates for climbing in the UK 2-3% of the population, I estimated the figure in the EU to be around 20,000,000.

So globally maybe 30million +.

2:17:45 PM
thanks heaps

2:48:12 PM
I wonder how many in that figure were abseilers or two time gym climbers....

3:10:09 PM
On 2/08/2007 dougo wrote:
>thanks heaps

I can see it now in an assignment for phys ed 101.........

Rockclimbing is a very popular sport worldwide with approximately 30 million people worldwide undertaking this activity (MrKyle 2007).

3:26:38 PM
it's actually for an estimation of market size for an engineering product life cycle assignment

3:32:25 PM
Yeah, the Australian figure is surprisingly high at 83,000, considering the climbing festival was very well populated at 10,000. But it agrees with ABS statistics. I assume it includes people that may have climbed once indoors or abseil.

3:55:53 PM
It does seem high. But then 83,000 out of a population of 20,000,000 is 1 person in every 241 or 0.415%. Get 1,000 people in a room and 4 of them would be climbers (unless there is a free feed or booze in the room, in which case climbers would likely be significantly over represented).

4:17:27 PM
Interesting, I pulled these numbers together for business plan for a new product. Which isn't going ahead.
Since you need references: The US Participation rates came from the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment (NSRE) by the USDA Forest Service. 9.1m or 4.3% Outdoor Industry Foundation, 2006 Outdoor Recreation Participation Study, 2006 from
UKstats from National Statistics Office UK, Sport and leisure General Household Survey 2002, 2004, from
AUS: Standing Committee on Recreation and Sport 2006, Participation in Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey 2005 Annual Report 31, from

5:52:55 PM
just having a dig because i would expect one of my students to pass off a quote in a forum as a legit reference as opposed to what MrKyle actually went out and put the time in to doing.

Eduardo Slabofvic
6:25:37 PM
On 2/08/2007 GravityHound wrote:
>just having a dig because i would expect one of my students to pass off
>a quote in a forum as a legit reference

You should fail these people immediately, as it just demonstrates how lazy they are that they couldn't be
botherd to down load an entire essay off the net…….honestly, young people today, they just don’t want to

8:13:59 PM
The number for the US is around 10,000,000.

That's very hard to believe. If correct it would mean that one in thirty (1/30) of Yanks would be climbers. Given that about 25/30 Yanks are fat slobs I reckon that's just not possible.

9:32:27 AM
On that logic it is still good odds that 1 of the remaining five could be a climber, and likely the same one who paddles, surfs, skis etc!.

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