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climbing in Bali
2:17:01 PM
I'm heading over to Bali at the end of this month for a friends wedding. (tried to get him to consider southern Thailand - but no go)

I was wondering if any of you knows of any, or has had any experience climbing there ?


9:47:18 PM
hey dude, i just came back from bali, and yeah if you are keen there is definately climbing around...
at uluwatu i was surprised to find a coulpe of bolted climbs on the track down to the beach, but the bolts were old and rusted beyond climbing.... honestly i'd take your climbing shoes and chalk, and you'd prob be able to find some bouldering in that area, but seriously man why go climbing when some of the best surf in the wolrd is right at your doorstep! give the rock a break and get wet, get a life

10:56:04 PM
yep ill pay that, hang up ya shoes and grab a board dude

sooo stoked on surfing at the moment... first thing i did when i got back to the country this morning was grab a board and head up the coast. 3 cheers for racey 4-5ft barrels with very smackable lips just pouting at you to be shredded to bits
doin it all again tomorrow.

12:25:25 AM
Mousey , a Newey mate of mine scored some clandestine left-handers , along the side of the Pasha Bulka --- now that's COOL...

Anyway, be carefull kids ...
8:33:01 PM
Theres plenty of rock around Bali to climb the only problem is it aint all that good to climb. The cliffs at Uluwatu are a little soft or very sharp in spots, the boulders from Ulu's to Bingin are way too much like the reef out the front -RAZOR SHARP- and you really just cant pull on them, theyll dice your fingers off. (YES I did try) The mountains have some nice solid cliffs but the only problem is that youre in the tropics so there nearly constantly wet.
Throw in the fun of paying to take your gear with you on the plane (No you cant buy any there) and it really does become just way too hard.
As mousey said go surf instead. If you cant surf hire a BIG board off the beach at kuta and learn on the beachies from Kuta to Legian theres even group lessons available.
If that doesnt float your boat then sit at the beach and order Bintangs from walking traders with Eskys approx $2 a long neck and check out all the hot scantily clad Euro chickies frolocking in front of you, cant go wrong.

Please remember one thing, these people have next to NO MONEY but they are the nicest people in the world if there hassling you to buy a shirt its not to pay for there kids new X-box, its to feed there kids. With the loss of tourism due to radical Islamic attacks they are really struggling to survive. If I sound like im ranting please forgive me but ive got close personal friends over there.
If you need any Info or contacts like drivers etc just p.m id love to help
Cheers Michael
9:28:17 PM
On 10/07/2007 IdratherbejamBing wrote:
>>and check out all the hot scantily clad Euro chickies frolocking in front
>of you, cant go wrong.
>Ura w#nka , mate !!!, you think all the female readers on Chockstone are
>lessoz ??? Think before u post, u insultin t#sspot !!!


I Think its past your bed time and little kids shouldn't join in adult conversations

12:30:18 PM
On 10/07/2007 surfinclimb wrote:

>little kids shouldn't join in adult conversations...

gotta wonder who the ' kids ' r on this forum, sometimes ...

10:10:36 AM
On 7/07/2007 howzithanging? wrote:
>hey dude, i just came back from bali, and yeah if you are keen there is
>definately climbing around...

>but seriously man why go climbing
>when some of the best surf in the wolrd is right at your doorstep! give
>the rock a break and get wet, get a life

I spent some time last night checking out surf camps online somewhere North and warm... Any suggestions on where good, reasonably priced surf camps are? Must be not too basic with good surf (or course! Mix of lefts and rights though prefer rights) great local food and have some non surfing, interesting day trips for my better half and me when I'm too sore to paddle anymore.

I was looking at Tonga and Fiji, but Bali and any other options would be gratefully accepted.

4:08:51 PM
nusa lombogan is a short boat trip from the main land in bali! perfect spot man, 4 main breaks shipwreck medium right, playground soft left and right on high tide sucky on low, lacerations is a pretty hard left hander, the other break i cannt remember the name i think the locals call it the secret spot which i didnt surf!.. really nice place lots of accomidation ranging greatly in prcie definantly worth a couple of days there,,, there is also a cruise you can take where you sleep on the boat and this guy takes you to all the good surf spots in bali and surrounds i think the all round trip is like 12 days, and really cheap!
4:20:04 PM
Thanks Howzithanging (and Surfinclimb via PM)

Any more details on the 12 day boat trip? Plus will a non surfing partner go stir crazy if just sitting in the sun isn't their scene?

9:47:26 AM
Stayed at Nusa Lombokan back when it was newly discovered in 1976.
The Chief of the island came out to welcome us off the boat and gave us a choice of beds in a single room that was the the only 'visitor' accomodation at the time.
We ended up sleeping on the beach due the hard bamboo beds (nil mattress), were too uncomfortable.
Surf was flat when we arrived and the reef was exposed at low tide.
Next day got the shipwreck right excellent at 6 ft and rising. Swell kept picking up till the whole bay was closing out, ~> so I paddled towards the lefts that were becoming better.
The left coming off the point was one of the most beautiful and gnarliest waves I have ever seen.
I even managed to keep my heart within my throat long enough to catch a couple* ...
(*talking 15 ft over almost suck dry reef on takeoff. If you ended up getting one that closed out you probably wouldn't have survived the punctures/lacerations combined with the travel time back to 'civilisation').

dalai wrote
>Any more details on the 12 day boat trip? ?Plus will a non surfing partner go stir crazy if just sitting in the sun isn't their scene?
The boat we hired doubled up as a delivery service to the island. Every time we motored up another swell the outboard would come out of the water at the top, and we would teeter there till the swell started to pass then we would chug down the back side. Took about a half day to travel the short distance involved due this plus the strong tide/currents.
The pigs and chooks getting wet in the 'hold' screamed and clucked till we were glad the trip ended ...
One of our party was more inclined to soak up the sun. Back then there wasn't much else to do on the island if you were not into surfing.
9:55:26 AM
consider taking the time to trek to the top of Gunung Agung (Mt. Agung), there are a number of routes including Besaki, a long route which runs all the way to the highest point on the crater rim via a stunning 3 peaked summit ridge, and the Selat/sebudi route which starts from the highest temple on Bali, Pura Pasar Agung, and goes directly up. It breaks through the forest quickly and leads up over exposed rock to a slightly lower point on the rim. Both routes are spectacular, time it for a sunrise. Be prepared for zero degrees conditions. The only tricky bit is getting the priest to agree to an auspicious time for you to ascend above the temple, can be complicated.

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