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How good is abseiling?

9:08:31 PM
Just got back from a fantastic trip to The Arapiles!

While we were there we managed to do some great abseils off a number of climbs. We were lucky enough to find that once we got to the top of a climb called Agamennon we could walk around to some really good abseil chains not too far away. This one was a 30m abseil!! It was an excellent! It turned out that this abseil was at the top of a climbed called Muldoon which wasn't too hard for us to climb up. So we got a climber we meet there to climb up this for us so she could do the safety work for us to get up it. So we got the do this abseil twice which was really good! :)

We found some really good abseil places at the top of a climb called Procal Harum and another climb called Ethiopia. One climber told us it would be easier for us to climb Trapize to abseil off Procal Harum because that climb would be a bit too hard for us so we did that. That was a fun abseil but not as long as the one at the top of Muldoon. We tried to climb Ethiopia but it was really hard to get off the ground and we couldn't find anyone who would climb it first so we could follow. Unfortunately we had to leave that one but we hope to abseil off that next time!

We were wondering if anyone knew of any other good abseils that we could do next time because we are planning to go back to The Arapiles again soon. We would also like to abseil off a climb call Punks in the Gym so if there is anyone who would like to climb it for us so we could follow that would be great. We tried to climb that one two but it was even harder than Ethiopia!
And if anyone has any good abseiling tips let us know.


The Abseiling Crew.
danny quade
9:29:18 PM
what do I have to do to join your crew?

10:09:56 PM
You went to The Arapiles? Way cool. Did you go to all of The Arapiles, or just the main one?

10:18:04 PM
You could abseil down 'Golden Streak'. Have your anchor-person hold the rope on the west side of the boulder and then you could climb onto the top of the boulder and abseil down 'Golden Streak' (the centre of the east face).
You can coordinate this by mobile phone but your mobile phone will fade out and your anchor-person will let go of the rope while trying to make their phone work.

..::- Chris -::..
8:14:17 AM
Full on!! No way!! you were abseiling at The arapiles, It gets boring though having to climb stuff before you abseil, I try to drive around to the abseil points and leave 1 friend in the car (who meets us at the bottom) , that way we get more abseils in!!...

I've actually abseiled down punks in the gym 32, it was a grueling abseil and i did allot of training before i tackled it, please DON"T underestimate that abseil because I've seen many bright and up and coming abseiler brought to their knees by the almighty difficultly of that extreme abseil.

Well hopefully we'll see you up there, thinking i might go abseiling in the Grampians this week, I've got a few unfinished projects i would like to complete. Me and some friends from the RAAF are going to hit Wall of Fools like you wouldn't believe...

Happy locking

8:25:58 AM
Check out Taipan Wall if you're ever in the area. Its a really excellent abseil but it can be quite difficult to set up. You have to scramble down from the Mt. Stapylton walking trail (we couldn't get the car up there and had to walk). It might be safer to get somebody to climb up Serpentine for you. Then again, I've heard that people have fallen off the top and lived so you might be lucky...
8:41:37 AM
You guy's are hardcore. At the moment, my hardest abseil has been out at a cliff in Werribee - Werribee Gorge - down a climb called Red something or other.

I am planning a big training session at my local climbing gym for some extreme lowering. The climbing up though cut's into the number of lowers in a session. They seriously need to get a winch for the up bit.
9:06:23 AM
I believe the future of Abseiling is assured it more of us go to the next level:
Solo Abseiling.
This is a much faster, more commited and thouroughly more entertaining version of the sport. And the television interest is amazing...
Take it up soon Absala!
12:53:26 PM
But you would want to make sure that you make that first solo really something to remember!!! It could be your we all know, soloing can be risky.
8:52:47 PM
yer i agrey absaling in good it's achaley how i got in to climbing just a thort if you want to go away fore a copple of days absiling and have a blarst you might want to get some 60 meter (or longer depending where you go) stadick rope and set up a copple of single rope runs that you can easeley walk back up to the top and go down them on a figer of 8 or rap rack i suggest a figger 8 but it can thised the rope up nice and good but if you know how to use one you can do some really good things like locking it off and jumping out and doing 360's and lots of stuff just when locking off a figer 8 do it twice thay can slip bleve me i have the burn to prove it, you can do alot of grate things absiling just be cerfull and have a blarst! (if you do set up runs longer then 60 meteres you might want to stuff the rope in to a bucket/scack bag and tie it to the back of youre harnes because the rope can way a lot and you wonte go aney where)

bob (the cops dont like it when u absil of briges where peopple are the peopple think youre gona jump off get a pirmit first)

Donut King
8:54:09 AM
i hope you were wearing gloves...i hate seeing all those pictures of people abseiling without gloves, especially from mags such as ABSEILING, they have such an influence on just sends the wrong message to the young 'uns.

Wouldnt it be great to go to Patagonia and abseil off the Compressor route or something like that....awesome.

9:35:28 AM
On 22/10/2003 bob wrote:
>yer i agrey absaling in good it's achaley how i got in to climbing just
>a thort if you want to go away fore a copple of days absiling ETC.ETC.

For anyone having trouble here it is again:

Yes, I agree abseiling is good. It's actually how I got in to climbing. Just a thought, if you want to go away for a couple of days abseiling and have a blast; you might want to get some 60 meter (or longer depending where you go) static rope and set up a couple of single rope runs. Then you can easily walk back up to the top and go down them on a figure 8 or rap rack. I suggest a figure 8, but it can twist the rope up nice and good. But if you know how to use one you can do some really good things, like locking it off and jumping out and doing 360's and lots of stuff. Just when locking off a figure 8, do it twice. They can slip, believe me, I have the burn to prove it. You can do a lot of great things abseiling, just be careful and have a blast! If you do set up runs longer then 60 meters, you might want to stuff the rope in to a bucket/sack bag and tie it to the back of your harness because the rope can weigh a lot, and you wonít go anywhere.

(The cops donít like it when you abseil of bridges where people are. The people think youíre going to jump off so get a permit first)

Apologies Bob, I'm really not trying to upset you, but your written English really needs some work. (I think you realise that too :-) ) Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the gathering, maybe next time.

11:01:49 AM
Roger, that was uncalled for.... I think he knows his spelling isnt the best, i see no need to rub it in. I managed to understand what was meant by bob's post.

11:32:58 AM
It is though really quite astounding how different the tone of the message is when the spelling and punctuation are correct. It sounds so much more informed regardless of the fact that the content is identical.

Go figger !

12:11:59 PM
Theres also some decent boulders around the arapiles for those of you into the shorter rope-less version of abseiling, jumping. The rabbit boulder near the campsite is a good start with a nice low jump off the east side for warming up and a higher one on the opposite side. A jumping mat is essential for those higher jumps if you want to avoid a twisted ankle.

12:23:45 PM
Seriously: Actually a friend of mine whiled away an entire afternoon with the sport of rock jumping. There is a boulder field below the Torture Chamber which offers outstanding jumping opportunities. Extra points for altitude drop, potential for permanent damage, distance, style marks (very subjective), and ...
Not seriously: ... footware (less points for basketball boots than for, say, stilettos)

12:38:53 PM
There was an article in Rock (a few years back) about the sport of ropeless/solo abseiling. It suggested starting off by stepping down from a normal step then gradually progressing to higher and higher drops. Style points were somewhat subjective: a bold committing step backwards, good body position (as though there was a rope), minimal noise on impact, etc.
1:07:21 PM
On 23/10/2003 shiltz wrote:
>There was an article in Rock (a few years back) about the sport of ropeless/solo
Actually I'm pretty sure it was in the now defunct "Climb", about three issues ever published. I have a copy I can scan if anyone want's a read. It was hilarious :-0

1:33:09 PM
Wouldn't mind having a read if you get the chance

4:26:39 PM
If anyone wants they can visit my new happening extreme abseiling site i expect it will rival any similar extreme sport site ;-)

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