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Shshteroids and climbing ability

4:02:13 PM

It appears that it was steroids that allowed Sylvester to accomplish his climbing feats in the famous movie Cliffhanger. Read below RE the fall of a climbing legend.

The Age writes:
"CUSTOMS officials raided actor Sylvester Stallone's harbourside room at Sydney's Park Hyatt Hotel yesterday, as members of his party were seen throwing objects out of the window.
Stallone had already denied bringing steroids into Australia after he was questioned at Sydney Airport on Friday.
It is believed customs officers visited Stallone, 60, about 3pm, and gave him a summons relating to prohibited substances. A summons normally requires him or his lawyer to appear in court..............."

The complete article
from the Age

5:47:34 PM
This was the subject of one of the best ever topics on Chockstone a few years back....

12:02:00 PM
Stallone has denied having steroids and no case has gone to court yet, let alone been proven.

The statement "It appears that it was steroids that allowed Sylvester to accomplish his climbing feats in the famous movie Cliffhanger" could well be libellous. If the moderators are smart they should remove it post haste.

12:08:33 PM
Well it is a tentative statement of sorts.
But he is still my climbing idol despite all this. Hopefully its not true...

12:12:38 PM
search for stallone+steroids on google and it brings up 117,000+ hits. I don't think we need to worry that
Bob Saki
12:19:15 PM
he would have to had to have been on steroids to keep up with Brigitte Neilsen!

3:23:07 PM
On 21/02/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>This was the subject of one of the best ever topics on Chockstone a few
>years back....
That WAS one hell of an entertaining topic/debate!

Reading over all that again brought back memories, ah chockstone of old, where has thou gone?!

3:46:25 PM
Your link is corrupt Sabu.

When I followed it all I ended up with was ...

>Chockstone Forum - Accidents & Injuries
>Report Accidents and Injuries

>Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

>Type mismatch: '[string: ""]'

>/Forum/Forum.asp, line 455
4:55:56 PM
Psss! Add a "1" to to the end of the link
4:59:21 PM now works.

5:07:01 PM
It does indeed.
Many thanks mod.

6:33:04 PM
From memory it was Ron Kauk & Wolfgang Gullich - John Long and David Breshears were also involved.
The section where you see stallone 'climbing' he was acually anchorred to the cliff.
Anyway that guy from Mission Impossible totally outcranks him on bouldery stuff.

6:55:01 PM
Personally, I loved the bolt gun. Now, where to get one of those suckers...

8:05:14 PM
Interesting technique, soloing up a cliff and randomly blasting a bolt into the wall?
The recoil on such a cannon would surely rip the arms off anyone with lesser guns than stallone.
God I love hollywood such attention to detail, and so much research into logistics of climbing.
The realisism of that harness buckle melting under the static load of 65kg love interest, lesson don't wear
golfing gloves on a tirolene traverse, its just suicide!
vertical limit was slightly better, but still woefull! I think the script writers must be on steroids.

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