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Ebay vulture ... scum o the earth!
11:17:08 AM
Hi, please be aware that there is some scumbag out there pretending to be selling rockclimbing equipment ... and I emphasise PRETENDING. I thought I had won a rack on second chance ... paid the money ... never got the gear. His email is "viermezob" and his apparent name is "Tajuan Forila".

It hurts enough to be caught out, but my wife and I just bought our first home and I borrowed the cash from a friend to get the gear .. now I'm over $500 indebted to a friend and still have no fricken gear, which now seems like an unreachable goal to get equipment :(

Please be cautious in this situation ... don't EVER transfer money via Western Union under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ... chances are you'll be feeling the way I do now!

If you happen to know this person, feel free to give him one for me, and then a few more!

I don't mean to vent in this forum, but everyone should know about this person/s and what they are up to. Feel free to PM me if you want any further details and I can give you my personal email address.

1:33:27 PM
You can claim under eBay's purchase protection program. Go to the ebay help pages and read thoroughly about the process. It takes a fair bit of time to file all the paperwork, but eventually you will get all your money back (except for $25 processing fee). I got ripped off buying an iPod and successfully claimed. It took about 3 months to get the money back, but at least I wasn't too much out of pocket.

Moral of the story.... if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Check feedback very thoroughly on eBay. Don't buy off someone if they are even a little bit suspicious, you'll kick yourself if you get fooled.

2:26:10 PM
I'm in the middle of an ebay dispute at the moment, my brother payed the money for a camera but never received it. Ebay is looking into it, and should be refunded the money.
The bad thing in all this is the seller still gets to keep the money!! Such a rort..

But definately look into the purchase protection program! You'll get most of your money back.

Good luck!

Mike TS
3:17:55 PM
Also, always use Paypal, which is connected to ebay. Gives you more certainty.
4:57:41 PM
do ebay refund if you do a western union transfer? I thought it only applied to paypal
5:00:13 PM
each item page displays the message

"eBay prohibits the use of instant cash transfer services such as Western Union or Moneygram."

under the payment section.

unfortunately I doubt they would be very sympathetic in this case

5:34:35 PM
Watch out with Paypal as well: my gfriend used my card to buy something from a reputable site using
Paypal, checked my credit card statement closely, and it turns out the jerks double charged me.

To make this relevant to the site: be careful using Paypal for climbing purposes

5:37:37 PM
i say just buy your gear from a shop, might be a little more expensive but at least you know the history of the gear....
8:31:54 AM
Thanks ... you've all made valid points. But here's the go, this guy actually took time to make perfect copies of ebay emails ... including setting up an ebay email address for which to send from. The email said to specifically use Western Union Transfer ... and certainly appeared to be legitimate ... atleast to my untrained eyes. And yeah, we should buy our gear brand new ... but show me any person with a new mortgage, car loan etc that can afford to fork out $1500 on a reasonable rack and I'll show you a way up K2 that's only a 4 pitch level 9! Sometimes we get sucked in to taking the shortcuts when we want something badly ... I got sucked in :O(

8:39:55 AM
Sorry to hear about this. Saw this from another site, I hope it cheers you up (revenge of the guy who was sold faulty laptop on Ebay)
* warning - some of the pics in the blog may not be appropiate to view at work! *

9:00:00 AM
Sorry to hear about your troubles.

But Ebay warns specifically about using Western Money Transfers and never to trust any emails - only ever accept mail sent internally to your own Ebay messages. As for from email addresses, these are easy to fake.

4:00:30 PM
Mate, if it makes you feel any better I just got done in the exact same way as you by the same guy. I found this forum by searching Tajuan Forila on Google. I was trying to buy an engel camping fridge. Have you had any luck following it up at all? I'm out of pocket over $1000 and still have no fridge!
4:17:52 PM
No joy at all, because eBay don't support Western Union Transfers, there's no avenue for revenge ... I mean recourse. Their only suggestion was to report it to the police ... Western Union don't cover it because you voluntarily transfer your money to that character, you know how you ring them and they ask if it's for a purchase and you say "nup it's for a friend". That's where you're caught out.

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been caught by the same person. It's a very convincing scam too, that's probably what hurts the most. I'm one of lifes great skeptics and I still managed to get caught. Right down to a very official looking email from eBay themselves. Yeah, people say "if it's too good to be true, it generally is", but come on, it's an on-line auction and you generally hope to get a bargain ... that's the whole idea.

It certainly doesn't make me feel any better, I know EXACTLY how it feels, and having heaps of people telling me how to suck eggs just made it worse. Not to mention trying to remove that big tattoo on my forehead that says "SUCKER!".

So sorry mate - I really am.

4:27:09 PM
On 5/06/2006 ironmike wrote:
> Not to mention trying to remove that big tattoo on my forehead that says

Mate don't be dirty on yourself for being ripped off. These scum sucking parasites make their living by exploiting the trust of honest people.

Hopefully karma will kick in and the bastard will die of cancer.

4:47:23 PM
Or that fridge falls on top of him!
8:54:28 AM
Oh yeah, don't worry I'm a big believer in the Karma Police.

I just hope they get a good run up before they kick him in the ass.
1:11:11 PM
Southy, further to your comment.

I have followed this up with the Police and it's looking promising ... perhaps not for getting the money back, but for catching the guy for fraud. There were some bits he left in his emails to me that they have said were very strong. So, okay, I may not get my money back, but hey ... four walls, wash basin, prison bell ... not a bad song to be singing right about now I think!

The Karma train is gaining momentum!

3:32:02 PM
On 9/06/2006 ironmike wrote:
>Southy, further to your comment.
>I have followed this up with the Police and it's looking promising ...
>perhaps not for getting the money back, but for catching the guy for fraud.
> There were some bits he left in his emails to me that they have said were
>very strong. So, okay, I may not get my money back, but hey ... four walls,
>wash basin, prison bell ... not a bad song to be singing right about now
>I think!
Yea let's hope they slam him up with one of those big body builder dudes who's lonely for some company, if ya know what I mean...
>The Karma train is gaining momentum!

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