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TV work for talented sportspeople
2:49:09 PM
Hi Climbing Crew,

The opportunity listed below may be of interest to you?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



Hi All,

For those of you who don't know, Vantage Management is a TV agency that finds sports people for roles in Commercials, TV productions, stunts and photoshoots.

Vantage is the only agency in Australia that is sports specific, meaning that we are the first contact when sports related work becomes available.

Some of the commercials we have cast people for recently include-
- Busch Beer
- Nissan X trail
- Coca Cola
- Nike
- Johnson & Johnson
- Panadol

Vantage is currently looking for more talented athletes and sporty types to be in our catalogue for 2003-04, this is why we have approached you. We are seeking athletic people of all ages and both sexes. It would also be an advantage if you are accessible to Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast as this is where most castings (auditions) take place.

Listing with Vantage is FREE! There are no direct charges to you at any time.

You being listed with Vantage would mean that you are a chance to get some TV style work if the right opportunity came along. There is no guarantee but for those who get work the dollars are very good and the jobs are usually
short (a few days at most).

If you are interested in more information please contact Vantage by email and we will forward you a full run down.


Shan Railton
Vantage Management
mob 0411 564 565

- Athlete Management
- Sportspeople TV agency / Sportsmodels
- Sporting Events
- Sports Consultancy

4:08:49 PM

7:30:26 PM
wait, this is most of our dreams come true isn't it? to be paid to climb?? lol

7:49:58 PM
I checked out their webpage.... and one of our very own chockstoners is listed under thier rockclimbing index....

How do you think it is??????... NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!
7:54:22 PM
Sorry Phil, I have already peeked...

Donut King
10:19:46 PM
is it .....Kerianal ???

11:21:55 PM
howd u guess ;)

10:39:13 AM
i listed with them last year and got one audition for a milk ad but nothing came out of it. As yet no contact with anything to do with climbing or other related sports..

12:38:56 PM
A freind of mine (nit listed with this company) got a job in an aussie made movie, he head to abseil of this 70 odd metre cliff, got paid like $200 bucks a day, he also did a few other stunts. Sounds like easy money to me.

1:00:00 PM
$200 is a very poor wage for ANY film based work - especially stunts! - I work inthe F&TV industry and most talent get at least $500 for the most basic walk in walk off role. If you start talking, or have skills then expect $800 min a day! It is good money - but the work is very off and on depending on the amount of shoots being done in Oz. A lot of the film work gets done in Sydney - so we have a bit of a disavanatge down here.

2:55:21 PM
Maybe i was wrong... its just i tend to exagerate and didnt want to say like $1000 day then have everyone laugh at me.... i know he got paid well though.

9:41:35 AM
hahaahaha... $1000 a day?! Oh Phil you crack me up!! ;-)

12:59:41 PM
Imagine gettin paid $1000 a day for climbing and abseiling..... That would be sweet, work for 2-3 weeks and youve got enough for a world climbing trip.....
Its ok to dream.........
Cheers, phil

1:14:15 PM
What really happens....

You get two days work - you get $2000. You have to quit your 'real job' so you can work these two days. Then - you get no more work for 2 months. You still have to turn up to casting sessions, photo sessions and interviews which don't pay anything. After two months you give up and go back to your old job. That is what happens ot 99% of actors/models who think they can make a living from the industry!

2:59:16 PM
I got paid for rock climbing at Frog buttress by my work. They booked me on a flight for the Goldcoast to work at our Brisbane office for a week but little did they know but there was a public holiday on the monday. So a few quick calls later and im climbing away and getting paid. Ahhh life was good to me that day !


9:45:48 AM
I worked as an Outdoor Instructor for 18 months once. When the initial shine wore off, I found that when climbing is/becomes work it is nowhere near as enjoyable as when it is recreation.
... depends how seriously you take your work I guess?

9:04:13 PM
Well i spoke to my freind. The movie he was in was 'journey to the centre of the earth'. He was flown to new zealand and accomadation a dn food paid for also got paid $3000 for 3 weeks.

10:07:18 PM
I have to assume that kerianal is me.
You guys don't seem to be surprised to find my name on a film agent's site, but I am.
I actually have a job that I can't just walk away from at the drop of a hat to do some filming. About 5 or 6 years ago someone talked to a group of us in the Nati pub about the possibility of doing a commercial. No-one had the time to do it and I think Russell Crow ended up with the job.
I can only think that it's a hangover from that one meeting in the pub. That is the one-and-only connection that I have with the television or film world.
An alternative is that they are talking about Kieran Laughton who has also been confused with me and who I have never met though it sounds like he climbs much better than I ever have.

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