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climbing in Vienna

5:34:23 PM
I just found out a couple of days ago I'm off to Vienna this week. woohoo! So, my first thought on
what to pack was my climbing shoes, harness, and chalk bag. Then my next thought was "I
wonder what's there to climb... ". So, any takers? Can anyone point me in the direction of some
good crags there, or websites, or places to hook up with other climbers? I'm gonna be quite busy
there, so mostly looking at bouldering, and maybe a few 1/2 day climbs...



10:51:38 AM
how bout this
u lucky bastard ;-)

Have fun
mikl law
12:21:21 PM
I've climbed a bit there near modling, was very good, grades are soft and ecverything is juggy. The area is called Adlitzgrabben I think, about 1 hour out of town, how long are you going for?
8:28:30 PM
Regarding your chalk-bag. If you aren't taking a new one, please empty your chalk-bag and give it a thorough wash. It really stuffs up your arrival in a country when they take your chalk bag away for analysis.

9:34:17 AM
have u actually had that happen kieran?? wow, we've even brought excess bagged chalk back from thailand and they haven't raised and eyebrow..

9:47:58 AM
It happened to me at LA airport. 2 customs goons looking through my luggage came across the tightly closed chalkbag and looked like Christmas had just come. They were a little disappointed when I said 'go on. snort it if you want to. It's powdered chalk'.

That said, I was lucky that they didn't want to take it any further. Once upon a time, I carried my entire rack as carry-on luggage. I can't see any airline allowing that anymore.


10:17:40 AM
Yep - in 1999 i carried my entire aid rack as hand luggage including skyhooks, hammer and big hexes through LA airport. No one raised an eyelid.

I heard a story from some WA climbers i met in NZ in 2002 who had their rope confiscated as hand luggage because you could, in airport securities words "tie up a lot of people with that".

10:21:01 AM
thanks for the links - i'll check out city wall and take it from there. i'm in vienna for 6 weeks, then
going for a bit of a tour, ending in lausanne then a month in guangzhou/hong kong. i'll stick some
photos up :D. i've travelled everywhere with my chalk bag, and it was really the last thing that
interested anyone. they'd point out my harness and gear on the xray and as soon as i said
climbing they'd shove me out the door. they dont like boots on the plane anyonre though...

4:22:07 PM
Man with some of the boots I've smelt i'm not surprised! Go the slippers, much less stinky, and there's no way i'm gonna leave them in my other luggage, don't want to lose em and have to break a new pair of shoes when ur OS.. smae with gear if u can get away with it..
I think we actually declared the chalk that time, and they didn't care at all, if they just found some nice bags of powdered chalk on a random search yeh they'd beaming from ear to ear ;)

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