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1:18:21 PM
Havachatwithsimey is a repository of Simey's quality posts and quotes. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Please feel free to access any of this material for future blackmail, extortion etc purposes


Bourge (administrator)

1:20:45 PM
Let's set the ball rolling with this, a nice vintage simey, in playful mood

On 23/02/2005 simey wrote:
>Nice work Jac.
>Just hope there will be a few easier things to climb (as opposed to the
>old Burnley). And hopefully that will attract more cute bumbly girls as
1:27:01 PM
I don't need my own site. I'm more than happy to post all my dribble on Bourge's World.

3:31:20 PM
thats pathetic bourge, originality please?

ShinToe Warrior
5:09:54 PM
Simey's underground lair??
with continuous barry white soundtrack, mirrorball and shageriffic (ara)pile(s) carpet, tastefully arranged
bouldering pads and red filtered petzl headlamps.....
5:18:22 PM
Well when get around to opening the cafe in Nati maybe I will throw in a few of those features.

ShinToe Warrior
5:22:26 PM
Right On! make Nati the Luurrv capital of the Wimmera

5:25:31 PM
wow i wish i had a topic all to myself, actually i don't, i'd rather not eat my own words!!
5:33:55 PM
Be careful what you wish for Sabu. Bourge might oblige but hopefully not....

5:39:15 PM
yea that's wat i realized!!!

7:27:25 PM
hey simey if you ever need someone to sweep the floor, wipe the tables and flirt with customers, im looking into spending some time in nati- email me!

ShinToe Warrior
11:08:51 PM
On 2/03/2005 JCP wrote:
>and flirt with customers, im looking into spending some time in nati-
>email me!
I think Simey might regard flirting with the customers as being his domain. As for spending time in Nati,
charming as the place is, people don't exactly go there for the cafe culture and existentialist conversation.
Could be more rewarding to save up the bucks and then dig in at the pines or gums for a few months.
Still, If Simey's Palace of Luurrv Cafe gets up and running............

12:01:57 AM
id love to dig in at the pines for 6months, but the saving up part just isnt going to work

ShinToe Warrior
12:10:06 AM
If you embrace your inner dirtbag, I reckon you could get at least a month there each year, in addition to
other jaunt(s). stock up on the multivitamins, though, and somehow make sure you eat enough fresh
vegies. malnutrition is not the new black.
12:11:14 AM
On 2/03/2005 JCP wrote:
>hey simey if you ever need someone to sweep the floor, wipe the tables and flirt with customers, im looking into spending some time in nati-email me!

Actually I was thinking more along the lines of employing spunky Euro babes. However I do realise that women customers might also want some eye candy, so if you think you fit the bill, I'll need some references from various women as to your appeal in that department.

8:43:38 AM
just ask any of the blueys climbers, im a real hottie for sure! :P

1:37:11 PM
On 22/09/2005 simey wrote:
>Well I think you should hook up with Jonesy in Sydney, then you could really
>be jonesing it up big time.
>And if you ever make it to Arapiles, I'll put you in touch with Dave Jones
>and you can be jonesing it down here as well.

Maybe you should be asking Anna for her 'references' ?, although she is from Utah not Euro! ...
... and extolling the virtues of Arapiles being better rock than Sydney or Blueys sandstone.

[context from find climbers thread]
Simey 22-09-05:
>What the hell does "jonesing" mean?
Anna 22-09-05:
>jonesing doesn't have to specifically refer to drugs; i guess it's just a figure of speech not used here....but to help anyone understand, climbing is like a drug and i'm withdrawing from not having climbed for the past month.

post edited shorter for clarification.

6:05:51 PM
Well I'm completely lost by all that.

But the revival of this thread did remind me of JCP selling himself as worthwhile eye candy to flirt with women customers in a Natimuk cafe. I never did hear a woman's opinion on whether he is hot or not.

10:54:13 PM
I call a post on "" is in order

11:03:17 AM
On 22/09/2005 simey wrote:
>Well I'm completely lost by all that.

Yeah talk normally M8, it's bloody hard trying to keep up with the snips and the references :S

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