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Bourge's world

2:22:11 PM
Ha! Watch this space, wakners!

2:25:02 PM
Oh dear .....

what is about to happen here ?

Mike TS
2:31:52 PM
What's a wakner?

2:42:11 PM
On 25/02/2005 Bourge wrote:
>Ha! Watch this space, wakners!

wakners ?

'Tis a small world that we are all watching here !

I think he may be delusioned into thinking he can have his own corner of this world-site and rival Hexy ... ?

If Bourge has the discipline to stick to his corner I could live with that ...

2:47:58 PM
Ha! Bourge here! Welcome

Jeezus H-tapdancing Christ, I don't believe it (never did)

To quote the "eTHE" magazine editorial off

>Welcome to eTHE5, the latest collection of collected trash, scribblings, pix, graphix from, for want of a better word, the mind, and computer of Hero Fukutu. You will no doubt be aware that as you cruise the websites of the climbing world there are no shortage of excellent information, news, photographs and other stuff. You can search for routes, grades, guidebooks etc. What is not so readily available is climbing history, literature and humour. Thatís where we come in. The idea behind eTHE is to satirise modern climbing. Take the piss, so to speak. Sink the boots in. Wherever we see wankers, we will be there (excluding ourselves obviously), wherever we see seriousness, we will be there, wherever we see climbers being dickheads .... well, you get the picture. We would like your input on this - tell us who you think are wankers, too serious and dickheads (excluding ourselves obviously). I wonít trot out the cliche that we canít do it alone, because we clearly do a lot of the time. However, a lot of the pix in this mag have been sent in by people just like you. Feel free to email .docs, .gifs and.jpgs to

>If someone out there is being a wanker and you donít dob them in, doesnít that put the blame on you?

That is a disturbing reminder of the wretched underbelly of a quaint little backwater town. It appears innocent enough. Whatever you do, DON'T turn off the main street, it will swallow your soul. Just continue by towards the Mont

I once spent a year, wasted in Nati. I sat in the gutter with a VB in hand and watched clouds roll across the Wimmera, cars drive by, the sun went up and down and up and down, and the footy team didn't win a game that year

3:25:08 PM
On 25/02/2005 Bourge wrote:
>...and the footy team didn't win a game that year

Well why didn't you come and play for us, you goose.

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:17:51 AM
Is a Mont the same thing as a wakner?

11:04:04 AM
Before we get started, Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bourge

This is a photo of me when I was a bit younger. I like this photo, I captures my mischievous, enquiring, personality - I used to be quite the swashbuckler. You're not the first to point out that I bear a striking resemblance to Robert Wagner.

More Bio coming....
11:08:03 AM
Bourge, I take it you still dress in 80s fashion?
6:14:24 PM
What has happened to the rest of your bio?

I'm sure I am not the only Chockstone member waiting anxiously to hear more of your swashbuckling life tales, both on the rock and in the bedroom.

And don't hold back on the Natimuk chapter... or was that it?

6:57:40 PM
Is Bourge pronouced 'Bore'?

9:26:42 PM
the anticipation is killing me

ShinToe Warrior
11:50:40 PM
On 1/03/2005 sabu wrote:
>the anticipation is killing me
fight it Man, by all that is sacred, don't let it cut short your life- there's too many unclimbed routes for you
to give up now!!?!

10:59:56 AM
Ha! Hullo! more Bio to come soon tigers, I have complicated history and everyone seems very interested

This is one of the more interesting scientific articles to come out in a while. The death zone 'treeline' can rapidly rise or fall with the effects of powerful winds. This goes to reinforce just how much of a machine Anatoli was:
12:05:23 PM
What's going on? I don't want to read this boring stuff about staying alive in climbing. I want gossip.

1:00:33 PM
Bourge's World Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Havachatwithhexy Inc, is a repository of climbing news and related articles, training articles, gossip etc and discussions about important issues, and daily/weekly observations and ponderings from the Bourgemeister. If you know of any hot chicks or good stories post em here!

I would particularly like to see Tasch's alternative stories about Nepal. Ehem, Tasch?

1:26:50 PM
Bourge, the last "Hot Chick" I met was traversing her way out of Kentucky Fried inside a lunch pack after being unclipped on a very hot mantle. Would suggest that there is a surfiet of "Oxygen Bandits" contributing to this thread as well ? (could be dangerous above 8000M
with any strong updrafts of banal text !)

Steve :-)
1:29:53 PM
On 2/03/2005 Bourge wrote:
>I would particularly like to see Tasch's alternative stories about Nepal.
>Ehem, Tasch?

Sounds good... get the ball rolling Tasch.

2:01:18 PM
On 2/03/2005 bapak wrote:
>Bourge, the last "Hot Chick" I met was traversing her way out of Kentucky
>Fried inside a lunch pack after being unclipped on a very hot mantle. Would
>suggest that there is a surfiet of "Oxygen Bandits" contributing to this
>thread as well ? (could be dangerous above 8000M
>with any strong updrafts of banal text !)
>Steve :-)

Sorry Steve, I meant hot ticks ie routes sent.

3:01:53 PM
Cheers Tasch, we look forward to it and hope the job search bears fruit!

In other news, I note that medical clinics have been set up on Everest and now on K2.

I see this as a continuation in the trend of bringing the mountains closer to civilization, begun with the large scale expedition style ,espoused by Bonington and despised by Messner, Bonatti, Cesen etc, and later with advent of guided commercial operations that culminated in the disaster high on Everest in 1996.

Surely this development reduces the committment required to head into these mountain environments. Will expeditions not include a medic because they know there will be a medical facility at base camp. Will this increase the popularity of what are, some say, already overcrowded peaks.

But that said, is this a necessity brought about by the increasing popularity of this sport that the local infrastructure and service providers cannot cater to? Perhaps it negates the need for helicopter evacuations if appropriate medical care can be provided on the mountain.

Maybe we've collectively written off K2 and Everest anyway, leaving them to the masses, in favour of something smaller and more remote in another valley, or another country, so it doesn't matter

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