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551m or Balls to you
dried rat
5:39:14 PM
Planing sail/climb/film expedition to Balls Pyramid [only the phasmids can stop us !]
require any data on the various routes especialy any data on Keith Bell & mates North Ridge ascent in 1970.
5:54:46 PM
So how are you dealing with the fact that it's banned?!
Bryden Allen and John Davis are giving a presentation on their Balls Pyramid expedition(s) fairly soon in Sydney I think - maybe co-opt someone to take notes for you?? Try the SRC.

Iain Sedgman has been and can be contacted via the VCC.
dried rat
10:30:06 PM
Doing most things in NSW is banned , just because doing something is banned doesnt mean you cant do it [bans can be lifted]I bet you know people who smoke ? base jump and climb on things they ought not to ! , thanks for the info , I will follow it up .

10:35:13 PM
i looked into this a while back, at the possibility of repeating the route rick white soloed many moons ago, the powers that be said the only waywe could get permission to climb is if we were doing scientific research that significantly contributed to the protection of the habitat blahblah blah
i would strongly recomend against ignoring the ban...there isa ban for a reason and whether we like it or not its gonna stay there....if you want to help f--- up access for other climbers then at least go somewhere far away- like greenland, or queensland

would be keen for more info on that presentation if its available?
dried rat
11:31:46 PM
In an article published [Australian Geographic, Number Seven,page 17]
Freedom Lost by Chris Baxter.
he wrote ..."many factors were considered",claimed the Director [ NPWS] "including the safety of climbers and the public interest".....Adventure for the sake of it is not apparently considered in the publics interest....any responsible adult has the right to pursue activities -even risky ones.
So if you think that climbing Balls Pyramid is frivolous and agreeing with a ban that was laid down by bureacratic dickheads who know what is "safe"...take up thumb wrestling,
The last few people to put forward a scientific exped. failed because of the NPWS policy on climbing and what they considered appropriate activites in National Parks , So why not go in flags unfurled do a good clean safe climb and who knows what the future might hold , after all more people die and get injured in plane crashes than climbing .

11:53:29 PM
On 8/02/2005 dried rat wrote:
>after all more people
>die and get injured in plane crashes than climbing .

More people fly, stupid argument.

12:07:34 AM
surely this is a troll.

1:21:55 AM
hmm, walking the dog in the park is pretty extreme I guess, sorry, must have missed that one!

Also, isn't it a fact that 85.3% of facts are made up on the spot?
dried rat
1:24:02 AM
The need to allow climbing on one of Australias most isolateted and awe-inspiring climbs needs to be taken seriously and sensibly , the mighty megaloith lies 700kms of the coast! no climber without experience would ever attempt it , and even with the best climbing resumae the NSW NPWS still say no if you ask permission , recreational climbing is not banned , just frowned upon .
An interesting letter -

5:18:34 AM
More to the point, Balls Pyramid is a spectacularly fragile environment. there are very good reasons why access to it is tightly controlled. The issues here are a little more important than you and your 'need' to go climbing.

12:28:28 PM
> Also, isn't it a fact that 85.3% of facts are made up on the spot?

Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Shaggy. Forfty percent of people know that.

2:47:39 PM
To misquote Twain: "Lies, damn lies, and statistics."
3:27:36 PM
> recreational climbing is not banned

Can you back that up? The first ascentionist for one doesn't agree:

The plan is to re-establish phasmids on lord howe - why not wait until then and then go through proper channels to have climbing made permissible on Balls Pyramid? "The insects were restricted to a single bush and the population probably did not exceed 20 individuals. The Lord Howe Island Phasmid is arguably the rarest insect in the world, and their future on Balls Pyramid is precarious to say the least. " (from )

It seems unlikely the climbing ban would be lifted if "climbers" (ie you) recklessly ignore the situation or worse yet negatively affect it ... the saying "don't stuff it for the rest of us" seems apt.

6:48:33 PM
If they reckon there was only 20 remaining individuals (phasmids) left on the island, the 50:500 rule (biology anyone?) would seem to indicate that it's unlikely there will be enough existing genetic diversity to sustain the species even if they start a breeding programme. Interesting. I wonder what the experts claim?

6:58:22 PM
i have forwarded the question to my dad (curator of entomology @ Queensland Museum). He has spent quite a bit of time on Lord Howe doing research and may know the exact situation.
tony harris
1:58:00 PM
Hi Neil get on line and say hello to an old Dried Rat. Mick seems to have put the cat among the pigeons with his discussion about Balls Pyramid. Would be very interested in any info about Phasmids you can obtain from your father. Have been following your climbing exploits with great interest over the years and would like to catch up with you soon. Will be at Arapiles and Grampians mid April with a camera and shit loads of power!! Got a project that requires "vision"? I have!

2:57:41 PM
jobs on tony! - let the Grampians/Araps video begin. I am sure i can rustle up some 'models' for the right price. ;-)
tony harris
3:03:21 PM
ok we have a project! Mick is willing to hang in harness for days on end. have a photographic platform/tripod and other good gear. we'll make ya famous Neil ha ha.

3:24:58 PM
you can rustle me up when ever you're ready neil :P

3:54:27 PM
On 10/02/2005 JCP wrote:
>you can rustle me up when ever you're ready neil :P

ummm - do we add that one to the quotes page??!

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