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General Climbing Discussion

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Climbing Music

5:42:32 PM
Climbing Music
What do you bring to the Gym?
I go for Fela Kuti, Groove Armada or Trinity Roots.
Also, has anyone noticed the dangers in climbing outdoors with a discman/MP3 player? You donít have a good sense of whatís around you and your balance doesnít improve. As fun as it is, ill play it safe next time and just bring along a ghetto blaster powered by a petrol generator.

7:04:44 PM
Generally the Rangers frown on me bringing my Boom Box out to the crag, kinda detracts from the who experience. What do I listen to while boulering, now thats a question.

7:43:03 PM
On 8/11/2004 dan wrote:
What do I listen to while boulering,
>now thats a question.

What's the answer??

7:51:25 PM
whatevers not too badly scratched up to play properly- at the moment my woody is subjected to the sounds of rage against the machine, chillis, metallica, slayer, pennywise, shihad, a bit of jack johnson, john butler trio & ben harper thrown in there, and ya cant go past iron maiden or acdc. ive also recovered an old m.manson cd, which despite all expectations has reborthed some decent songs for crankin to. and rod's put me on to body count, can never go back now!! actually looken through the stack here theres also franky zappa, U2, an old oils album, jebediah, greenday, grinspoon, living end, system of the downers, CKY, pacifier, the porkers, and some random hippy techno stuff that isnt that great but good for getting the beat going down in tha soul, if you know whaddi mean....woah im outta breath

8:11:40 PM
Bit of britney, kristina or kylie, depending on my mood.

Ooohh, I hear Nikkie webster has a greatest hits album coming out, its on my xmas wish list....
10:40:22 PM
If you want some great dance/trance music for bouldering - try out some tracks from the Platipus label - check out for the details. You might even recognise a few from UK bouldering vids.

12:00:33 AM
Another Rage against the Machine fan here - at least on the campus board!
The music's gotta be intense, i'm still working on a motivational poster..

12:30:41 AM
The gym owner at my local gym is partial to Tubular Bells, Blondie, and Pink Floyd. I've got nothing against any of those, you understand, but they're not really good for krankin to. :S

On the other hand, if he's not in then I can usually persuade the staff to let me plug in my iPod. And then there's music I like, even if no-one else in the gym does (Deadpoint, you'll back me up on this).

My climbing playlist atm includes: Audioslave, the Beatnuts, Benny Benassi, Che Fu, Dave Matthews Band, Dilated Peoples, the Doors, Everclear, Fuel, Green Day, Groove Armada, Incubus, Jan Driver, Jurassic 5, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Motor Ace, Mos Def, O.A.R., Orgy, Ozomatli, Powderfinger, RATM, Silverchair, Soundgarden, the Stone Temple Pilots, the Superjesus, Swollen Members, System of a Down, Tonic, Ugly Duckling, and Zwan. *whew*

12:38:57 AM
>i'm still working on a motivational poster..
not too long ago i managed to nab thre no fear poster of Dano doing the horizontal flag thing on 'Earn Your Wings' (they had it at work and were gonna chuck it out!!), thats damn good enough motivation for me!!

l.james you reminded me of a few i forgot to metion- powderfinger, incubus, fuel, everclear, stone temple pilots are sick! audioslave: i like the new sound but RATM had something a bit more- a political stand maybe- that seems to get me more amped
8:32:13 AM
Jay-z. The grey album is bomb. Bad Boy hip hop mixed ova the beatles white album. Just imagine lyrics "i got 99 problems but a bitch aint one" ova the top of helter skelters shrieking guitars and you get the general picture. This album gets me so pumped for a climb, surf, bike, work JAy-z dates Beyonce so that gives him even more cred eh!

Nick Kaz
8:48:00 AM
At the gym i get the glory of an old mono radio with poor reception an the J's, campus training is left up to Adskis tastes but on the way to the crag it has to be loud, upbeat and fast so a random assortment of punk and punk covers and a stack of the stuff mentioned by l.James fid their way into the mp3 player. On the way home lately its been Jack Jhonson, Ben Harper and Missy Higgens or anything else layed back and cruisy I find in the car.

On 9/11/2004 adski wrote:
> i'm still working on a motivational poster..

What about all those photos of me? Shurly they motivate you to train....

9:25:26 AM
Generally on the woodie its gotta be loud and angry, I tend to mainly stick with, No FX, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Drop Kick Murphys, Spider Bait, Body Count, Rage against the Machine....if my 4yo duaghter in on the session she demands Prodigy or Insurge cause she likes to Boogie in between sends:)

10:12:30 AM
My early bouldering training came under the influence of George Fieg and Andrew Bull, who are big fans of stuff like Helmet, Rollins Band, Ice-T, that's what was playing at their woodies - good to get psyched for a hard send.

Nowadays, at my own woodie it's more of a chillout , so The Police, Jamiroquai, Ben Folds, Directions in Groove, The Mentals, Aussie Crawl, Mondo Rock, INXS that sort of gear.

Recent Underworld is pretty cool , some Ministry of Sound albums also. Since being back in Melbourne I've been starting to get into Jazz and a bit of reggae, but that's not really for climbing, more for boogie chillin

An ecclectic mix really

12:36:18 PM
How come no one has mentioned the theme song to Rocky? There is nothing better to get you up that wall!!!
12:49:15 PM
I have been known to hijack the sound system upstairs at Vic Ranges with the latest Counting Crows album from time to time. Although the other week got a request to play Daddy Cool's greatest hits (didn't last the whole album) but then followed up with Superjesus.

3:41:42 PM
Please tell/warn me if your going to be bringing that stuff there again.
Emails, Private Messages or Posts would be fine.

3:49:44 PM
I've gotta say that the music cranking upstairs at the Ranges the last few times I've been there has been pretty sweet, mostly techno/dance, the occasional ambient track, - Ministry of Sound?

4:59:12 PM
yeh i've chucked on some goa trance from my ipod (lurvely things those) last couple of times i been to vic ranges.
6:26:02 PM
On 9/11/2004 elmo_lives wrote:
>Please tell/warn me if your going to be bringing that stuff there again.
>Emails, Private Messages or Posts would be fine.

Hey, Daddy Cool wouldn't be my first pick either. It was on the iPod. They scrolled through. They said "that one". I've since deleted a few tracks.
Or were you complaining about Superjesus?

6:59:45 PM
MM- Dude....gotta throw on some SoulFly or Korn..! Not to mention Ramstein.

Personally I like Hardcore Geetar music when Climbing( Not really Metal.. Bass has to vibrate in the lower spine.) could offend others when outdoors, and hardcore Techno when Bouldering...( more explosive & kinda suits the moment).

When I was working in the gym, I put on everything hard & fast that I had, although I was always conscience of who was there.( age..race..etc)

What eva works either way..for me it is hardcore all the way( makes me Crank Hard)

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