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4:28:09 PM
Does anyone know why insure4less caps climbing at grade 28?????

4:43:09 PM
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4:44:26 PM
On 18/08/2011 ademmert wrote:
>Does anyone know why insure4less caps climbing at grade 28?????

Obviously because it's completely hazardous with all those ledge and low angled stuff.

I believe someone had an accident on a hard route, claimed on the insurance and they had to pay out lots and weren't very happy about it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, just use AAC and the free travel insurance from a credit card.
4:59:38 PM
Cheers guys!

Wendy are you sure AAC covers Asia!? when I was looking over the policy I thought it excluded Asia
5:10:46 PM
On 18/08/2011 ademmert wrote:
>Does anyone know why insure4less caps climbing at grade 28?????

Probably because some bean counter was tasked to cover only the majority of climber. Climbing over 28 you are obviously in the top % percentile of climbers and it makes no economic sense for them to extend their cover to "extreme climbers".

(Though clearly grades are generally not more risky)

5:14:05 PM
Maybe they could adopt a policy like that for comprehensive automotive policies. You know the one, young male drivers cop it in the back pocket. And for a very obviouse reason. The stats. This doesn't answer the question, however, how many people climb above this grade? The thing to consider is insurance companies are insurance companies. Businesses not charities. And it appears to me that they requier objective data (stats) to maintain their bottom line. When the shit hits the fan, "as of late," we know what happens. Now where were we! Yes, 28's. My take is, because they can. ;-)
6:04:46 PM
On 18/08/2011 ademmert wrote:
>Cheers guys!
>Wendy are you sure AAC covers Asia!? when I was looking over the policy
>I thought it excluded Asia

I can't remember ever reading anything that excluded asia. It does call it alpine association worldwide service. It does mention antartica, the arctic and greenland in terms you might want to investigate if you were going there, but I would have said Yangshuo was fine. You can double check though.


8:46:21 PM
Hey Wendy, what do you make of the clause about medical costs:

"2. 2 Costs arising abroad (not in the country of permanent residence) for non-defer-
able medically necessary treatment including prescribed medication, of medically
necessary transportation to the nearest suitable hospital up to an amount of EUR

Do you have any more info on this? If things turned pear-shaped in the US then 7500 euro would buy about 5 minutes hospital. Or have I misinterpreted this?
8:14:58 AM
They've increased it to 10000 euro. I think their plan (and indeed the plan of any insurer) is to get you back home so your own country pays for treatment. Which is what happened with a friend who smashed his shoulder skiing in Japan for instance. Popped him on a plane within days and had the surgury in Melbs. There's a clause somewhere that says they will pay all cost to get you home if you require more than 5 days in hospital. Now, if you happened to do something really nasty, like that guy who donged his head on Power Dive, and was unable to fly with his head injuries for 2 years and racked up a bill of several million, well, you're stuffed. But I figure that that would be the least of your worries in that situation. You can always resign yourself to never being let into the US again when you run away on the bill.

Medical costs in China are cheap, at least, Adam! We bought a pair of crutches from the Yangshuo hospital after I stuffed my ankle in a fall, less than $15.
One Day Hero
9:02:33 AM
On 18/08/2011 ademmert wrote:
>Does anyone know why insure4less caps climbing at grade 28?????

What's their policy on squishy asian grading? You shouldn't have to worry too much, gr28 will cover you to about 8a+ over there.

9:31:03 PM
Alright Wendy, I really want the Austrian insurance to be as good as it seems for an ice climbing trip to Canada, but it just looks like it won't work.

That 7500/1000 euro limit on medical care is the killer. There's a good bit of discussion in the "Insurance experience" story in the "treasure trove" section. In a nutshell the writer makes the point that the insurance is great for euro residents in Europe but if you are going out of the euro health care zone then you need additional medical insurance that covers mountaineering accidents.

It's easy to say you can just skip the country when you're well but might be a bit harder to do that in practice...

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