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Aussie Pride!

9:02:21 AM
So having been out of the country for a few months now and knowing it will be 3 years before i head back i have felt the 1st pangs of missing the home. So if your not in Australia what do you miss? If you are what do you love?? I miss Lamb, watching the blues win, being able to choose between Araps or Moonarie for Easter and Coopers beer!!!! come on tell me what you love about being in OZ and make me jealous !!
10:34:56 AM
Depends where you are... but when I was in the UK I missed being able to buy a decent steak, room sizes that allowed me to take more than three paces before crashing into a wall, not having to scrub the bathroom clean each week (damn that limescale!), personal space, sunshine.... but most of all - family and friends back home.

11:15:43 AM
Re Uk...I missed water pressure when having a shower....every place we went to had crap showers.
12:06:54 PM
Weiss's mango bars

BTW, I keep seeing these weird gothic script stickers on Boganmobiles and always thought they said Aussie Bride

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:11:03 PM
After dinner mints

12:26:13 PM
Two and a half years in France and I pined continuously for Cooper's red and Thai food. It's unsettling to eat in a Thai restaurant where half the dishes contain cheese...

edit: thai food is our defacto national cuisine isn't it now? Like curries in England.

Organ Pipe
1:17:45 PM
Melbourne tap water!!!

I'm with you, I missed Coopers when I lived in Texas, until I tracked it down at Central Market (supermarket).

I had the same itch after 3 months in Dubai, and was able to track down Coopers Pale Ale at Barracuda in Umm Al Quwain.

(I can't help but think that although i supported such trade, it's kinda sad how small the world is these days)

2:16:01 PM
For a long time the item I missed most was Dilmah Tea (in fact good tea of any kind - the seppos have absolutely zero clue in this area), but Amazon started selling it recently so I've been able to put a halt to importing traffickable quantities (which tended to raised eyebrows with US customs...).

I also miss Coopers, except on the rare occasion when Trader Joe's imports a container load or two. But I will say that there are some good local brews - you just have to avoid just about anything that's sold in a supermarket. Side note: if you're near a Trader Joe's, it's well worth checking out - if/when I eventually return I plan on starting a franchise as I reckon they'd make a killing in Aus.

It can be hard to find normal bread and cereal, but after a decade my ability to detect sickeningly sweet products without checking the ingredients has become pretty well honed. Standard chocolate here is absolute rubbish, but you can find good (even excellent) chocolate if you're willing to look & spend a little more.

But without a doubt the thing I miss most is the petrol station meat pie - the nearest equivalent here (usually a burrito - seppos also have zero clue about pies etc.) not only tastes like reprocessed raccoon faeces, but is usually an express ticket to the nearest petrol station toilet (which are thankfully a lot cleaner here than in Australia, but that's a very low bar to hurdle...).

3:50:38 PM
My wife misses Woollies for some strange reason - I certainly don't miss the banana prices (real ungassed bananas only AUD$1.60 for a big bunch here in coconut island)

4:05:51 PM
Bananas were 20 rupees (less than 50c AU) a dozen in India. Much nicer than the local ones too. I did miss being able to drink tap water while I was there though. Getting coffee was also a bit of a struggle. When I finally convinced someone that I wanted black coffee with no sugar they stood around watching me drink it, not believing that I'd ordered it.

5:09:02 PM
On 8/08/2011 Capt_mulch wrote:
>My wife misses Woollies for some strange reason - I certainly don't miss
>the banana prices (real ungassed bananas only AUD$1.60 for a big bunch
>here in coconut island)

How much for a case of Coopers, in The Solomons, King of Kambah?

Organ Pipe
5:21:40 PM
On 8/08/2011 pmonks wrote:
>It can be hard to find normal bread and cereal

I forgot about that, finding non toasted, non granola, simple muesli, was impossible wherever I looked in the U.S.

and yeah supermarket bread in the states makes Aussie supermarket bread look like piping hot freshly baked fare.

As an aside though, a spinnoff thread titled somethign like "what do you miss from OS once you return to AUS after a long stint away" would be jsut as interesting.
10:24:37 PM
Yep, I would miss the moronic level of politics, the inanity of reality TV and jingoism in place of real nationalism where people care about the place they live, not themselves or it's athletes. Detrimentally of course, the weather is good, the Coopers Sparkling grand, the special people are lovely and the glorious flavours of Sandstone(oh, and Chris Lilley) but it's a big wide world out there and a lot of things get done out there a damn sight better than here.
10:44:46 PM
On 8/08/2011 Organ Pipe wrote:
>As an aside though, a spinnoff thread titled somethign like "what do you
>miss from OS once you return to AUS after a long stint away" would be jsut
>as interesting.

Yep indeed. To be fair, for all the quishiness of the tube, it takes you where you need to go, and often. I do miss being able to curse "I can't believe I have to wait 2 minutes for a train". Oh how quickly I forgot that 2mins is a luxury compared to the massive gaps between trains we enjoy here!

11:15:21 PM
Im living in a small town on the north coast of the Dominican republic (central Cabbibean) so i don't want for banana's, coconuts, mango's or sun but i hear the cheese thing. its hard enough to get American things here so i can keep dreaming about coopers red i dont think its going to happen. i bought a jar of vegemite on line and payed about $12 for it by the time i payed for the import tax! I up shot of living here is living in a condo (still cant say it without thinking of 2.5 men!) that is cleaned twice a week by spanish maids and being able to throw a tennis ball onto the beach from my balcony if i wanted too. cheap flights to south america for climbing is also an attractive draw card!!

9:04:07 AM
I missed my dog the most.

11:25:12 AM
Weet Bix - as previously mentioned, almost every breakfast cereal in the States is coated with sugar.

Good coffee - what are the seppos thinking!

How about 'What you miss about Victoria'? To start with - the Footy. All we get up here in NSW is that moronic game where gorrilas run into each other in a race to kill the most brain cells.

I realised I have been up here too long when I read the original post and thought he was talking about the NSW State of Origin team instead of Carlton :-(

11:48:24 AM
How could I forget Stanley's Lambrusco?? The seppos do have goon, but it's just not the same.

Big G
12:11:10 PM
how on earth do you have time to miss the AFL - its on every channel and every news item in NSW. On a saturday afternoon the only thing on am radio is a mindless jabber about 2 victorian teams displaying a complete inability to catch the ball. officially the worst sport in the world!

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:19:16 PM
On 9/08/2011 Climboholic wrote:
>>I realised I have been up here too long when I read the original post
>and thought he was talking about the NSW State of Origin team instead of
>Carlton :-(

You'ld need a very long memory to remeber the NSW blues win anyting, other than the prize for being the biggest pack of whining loosers

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