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Smitten the movie
Bayside Rock
8:20:45 PM
Don't forget, if you're not out there climbing somewhere we are holding the Melbourne premier of Smitten the Movie this Saturday. Starts at around 5.30 finishes around 8.30. Great Aussie climbing!!! We will have a bar for those who wish to have a beer or wine and we will supply nibbles at interval.
Looking forward to seeing you.

8:23:35 PM
Head there, smitten is awesome and even better on big screen with like minded people watching.

Your section was great james! Nice one.

10:22:25 PM
9:47:04 AM
Shame it's showing on the weekend, we'll be away.

Any plans to show it again?

7:41:12 PM
It's available from Climbing Anchors already
9:28:29 AM
I watched this movie last night. So disappointing on so many levels. Am I the only one thinking this? I doubt it. The only people plugging the film are those that helped fund it or those that are in it. I feel so sorry for all the companies that supported it, what a waste of coin. Ed Thornhill you should hand back all their money. Whatever you promised them you didn't deliver.
What's with all the swearing? It should have been edited out, and the climbers should all know when the camera starts rolling it's not the time to start with the potty mouth. That's what being professional is all about. The editing in general was absolutely woeful. The lighting...where do I start, it was all bad. Not being able to see faces or handholds was frustrating. There was NO consideration given to flat light conditions, the camera just kept rolling in full sun so the contrast was woeful. The footage on Taipan SHOULD have been awesome. It was far from it. Could anyone see Ben's face as he told the story of falling off the Taipan ledge?
The interviews...I could barely see the Cossey family..why was it only on part of the screen?
The acting segments were just weird/awkward. And the rabbit?
The basejumping segment in the Grose Valley.. it's ILLEGAL to basejump in the Grose. Do it by all means, but why publicise it? To conduct commercial activities in the Grose (ie. shoot a movie) you need permission from NPWS. Bet the film makers didn't say they were shooting some BASE action.
The fonts were terrible.. I couldn't read the names and grades for most of the routes/boulders.
A lot of these climbers are my friends. Some of them will go down in Australian climbing history as significant contributors in a period where there was much route development and grade improvement. The film maker hasn't nearly done them justice, and should be embarrased about the finished product.


10:13:48 AM
I agree with Hipster.
Very disappointed with Smitten. I had the opportunity to watch this movie before shelling out my had earned cash. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing this climbing movie.

I thought Ed would have already learnt from experience with his involvement in previous Oz climbing flicks. Interview technique was woeful, a little more research/preparation would have made the interviews a little less awkward. And the rapport with the interview subjects seemed a little lacking to say the least.

Congratulations to the climbers featured in Smitten, you have all completed some truly awesome feats of climbing prowess! You all inspire me.

-Awesome routes at the cutting edge of Australian climbing.
-Personalities of the Oz climbing scene. We all want to know more about our idols and those who perform the feats we aspire to.

-All those what Hipster said!
-Poor interview techniques. I struggled to take anything from the interviews.
-Opening Rabbit scenes went too far.
-Completely inappropriate inclusion of foul language.

Given that it has a MA15+ rating I expected there to be a certain level of language and even boyish shenanigans. And I reckon the legal status of BASE jumping (whether BASE should be illegal or not is not the issue here) alone warrants a MA15+ classification. But I found the tone of the flick to be spoiled by the excessive language, the inappropriate rabbit scenes, and the inappropriate choice of music ( do those lyrics really need to be so blatant and in your face?).

@ Smitten producers - Was the goal of Smitten to portray Australian climbing as a Fringe/Underground hardcore activity? Do you think climbing is about giving "the bird" to the rest of society? I felt the movie did more to alienate climbing from mainstream society than to promote climbing.
2:01:42 PM
I have to say I really enjoyed it! Thought it was quirky and interesting. Maybe some of the "story scenes", (eg Chris being splashed by the puddle) could have been given a little less time, and a little more to the climbing, but overall very good.
I thought the rabbit story at the start was great! Cute and funny in a little bit of an evil way!
Lot's of swearing, but have you seen a movie recently?.... The F-word only gets you a PG rating these days!

Most modern comedy, film and music video's really push the old limit of what is offensive or not... think of the nude wrestling scene from Borat, or even Ricky Gervais' recent Academy awards presentation.

For me, I'm happy that Ed made an "edgy" and different climbing movie. The "Dosage" crew did the super-inspiring climbing movie to death, and maybe it's time that climbing movies went in a different direction?

Cool Hand Lock
3:44:49 PM
It's Wank! like most climbing films. It's not a film about the cutting edge climbers. It's a film about people who like to be filmed, there's plenty of people out there climbing harder and more interesting stuff, who just dont wank on about it.

One step up from the tools who post their 'extreeme' exploits on youtube.

Bunch of narcissistic WANKERS

3:45:15 PM
Give me Chris in a puddle any day. Must have been for the ladies. Hahaha.
4:41:27 PM
Oh no that naughty rabbit at the start! Call the Feds!! Boo hoo. Whats wrong with a little bit of swearing?? Its just a word dude bro's. It was not directed at you so dont take offence. It wasnt directed at anyone.

And they did naughty BASE jumping? In the movie it didnt say where they were jumping so it must have been some good special effects because no one breaks the law. Has anyone in the whole world not broken the law?? Breakin' the law Breakin' the law!!
I do admit I didnt like it. It has grown on me a bit. The Zac and Jarmila interviews were good. The Cossey one wasnt too crash hot. Luckys one hmmmmm. The weird effect or lense or filter they used for the grampians bouldering sucked. Keep it old school. THE best bouldering flick ever is Best of the West and that is pretty basic.

I say send Smitten to Margaret and David and let them decide!
4:43:57 PM
I always enjoy travis bickle
6:53:11 PM
On 28/08/2011 bl@ke wrote:
>And they did naughty BASE jumping? In the movie it didnt say where they
>were jumping so it must have been some good special effects because no
>one breaks the law. Has anyone in the whole world not broken the law??

Are you kidding Blake? You've obviously never looked into the Grose Valley, it doesn't need to say where it is for it not to bleedin' obvious. Hanging Rock...yeah, they're a dime-a-dozen...
NPWS up here are currently rewriting their plan of management for the Grose. Trust me, climbers don't need any association with BASE jumping to threaten our access. And that's all I care about.

7:58:46 PM
On 28/08/2011 davidn wrote:
>Did it occur to you that:
>(a) yes, some climbers who watch it may not know the area, perhaps because
>they don't live, eat and breathe one area; and

If you don't recognize it as the Bluies then I reckon you can't claim to be a climber. It's bleeding obvious. The bluies is also a world heritage area with masses of mainstream tourism. Anyone who lives in sydney or nsw would immediately recognize it.

8:15:18 PM
Maybe they got permits. It happens.
8:15:24 PM
Na no way is that The Blue Mountains. I didnt see any rock breakage = not Bluies.
I think climbing is safe.
8:23:02 PM
On 28/08/2011 BoulderBaby wrote:
>Maybe they got permits. It happens.

Absolutely no way. There is no way they got permits to film the BASE jumping segments. Yes, they would have for the climbing, but not for the BASE stuff

9:27:45 PM
Why would you need climbing permits?!

10:07:14 PM
On 28/08/2011 BoulderBaby wrote:
>Why would you need climbing permits?!

I think Ado was referring to the need for filming permits - usually required if you are shooting commercially (which is what this film is).
10:08:42 PM

You also technically need a permit to climb or jump there but they only police this when it is convenient for them.. looking for the legislation as a reference now..

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